Meet Savannah

As a third-generation designer, Savannah Starring is a firm believer that houses can speak to you through their design and decoration. Savannah is passionate about creating a space where a homeowner can experience life as it happens: unexpected, surprising, and memorable.

Savannah Starring has been featured in both Mobile Bay Monthly and the Scout Guide. She has also been listed as one of Baldwin County’s Most Memorable Women.

Meet The Team

The Vellum & Velvet team, comprised of five interior design industry experts, is locally-owned and operated. The team embraces clients across the Gulf Coast, the United States, and ultimately, the globe.

Bobbie Michalopoulos,
Office/Studio Manager

A wearer of many hats and a truly invaluable individual, Bobbie Michalopoulos is our go-to girl. She handles back-of-house operations, invoicing, vendor relations, and much more. Michalopoulos has been with the store for ten years now, resulting in an impressive mental filing cabinet. From naming a fabric that reupholstered chairs years ago to knowing everything about every project, she can’t be measured. She is our office manager, studio manager, professional framer, and the most needed person in the store.


Tommy Nix, Interior Designer

Tommy Nix, a native of the Eastern Shore, has over 25 years of experience in the world of color. From floral arrangements to furniture, Nix is the epitome of a talented designer. As a lead interior designer at Vellum and Velvet, he approaches a design project by understanding the client’s needs to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces.


Holly Kern, Interior Designer

Holly is known for all things home. Childhood experiences with antique auctions progressed her passion as a design professional, thus bringing a collective, unique aesthetic to Vellum and Velvet. As a mother of two, Holly is mindful of creating and designing livable, practical spaces that withstand time while providing an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. As an Interior Designer for Vellum and Velvet, Holly has a true talent for taking clients’ existing pieces, heirlooms, and sentimental belongings to create a refreshed and revitalized design scheme.


Allison Mazick, Project Manager

Allison is Vellum and Velvet’s right-hand woman and also your new best friend. A woman of zeal and organization, her priority is to ensure Vellum and Velvet provides a premier client experience. From product ordering to scheduling installations, she is our Client Liaison. Making sure things happen on time and in order is the name of her game.